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Magnetically controlled growing rods for severe spinal curvature in young children: a prospective case series.Cheung KM et al. Lancet May 2012

Innovation in growing rod technique: a study of safety and efficacy of a magnetically controlled growing rod in a porcine model. Akbarnia BA et al. Spine Jun 2012

Early results of a remotely-operated magnetic growth rod in early-onset scoliosis. Dannawi et al. Bone & Joint Journal Jan 2013

Next generation of growth-sparing techniques: preliminary clinical results of a magnetically controlled growing rod in 14 patients with early-onset scoliosis. Akbarnia BA et al. Spine Apr 2013

Early experience of MAGEC magnetic growing rods in the treatment of early onset scoliosis.Hickey BA et al. Euro Spine Journal Jan 2014

Reducing radiation exposure in early-onset scoliosis surgery patients: novel use of ultrasonography to measure lengthening in magnetically-controlled growing rods.Stokes OM et al.; Spine Journal Jan 2014

A novel approach to gradual correction of severe spinal deformity in a pediatric patient using the magnetically-controlled growing rod.Cheung JP et al. Spine Journal Feb 2014

Improvement of Pulmonary Function in Children With Early Onset Scoliosis Using Magnetic Growth Rods.Yoon WW et al. Spine May 2014

The MAGEC System for Spinal Lengthening in Children with Scoliosis: A NICE Medical Technology Guidance.Jenks M et al. Appl Health Econ Health Policy Aug 2014

The use of ultrasound in comparison to radiography in magnetically controlled growth rod lengthening measurement: a prospective study. Yoon WW et al. Euro Spine Journal Sep 2014

Direct costs associated with the management of progressive early onset scoliosis: estimations based on gold standard technique or with magnetically controlled growing rods.Charroin C et al. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res Sep 2014

Traditional Growing Rods Versus Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods for the Surgical Treatment of Early-Onset Scoliosis: A Case-Matched 2-Year Study. Akbarnia BA et al. Spine Deformity Nov 2014

Magnetic controlled growth rods versus conventional growing rod systems in the treatment of early onset scoliosis: a cost comparison. Rolton D et al. Euro Spine Journal Nov 2014
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