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Limb Lengthening by Implantable Limb Lengthening Devices

A retrospective study of the first 65 PRECICE nails was carried out for the treatment of limb length discrepancy (unilateral) and short stature (bilateral). The Authors go into details regarding the successful lengthening that was achieved in all patients. Concluding that implantable limb lengthening appears to be the direction for the future of limb lengthening.

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Precision of the PRECICE Internal Bone Lengthening Nail

An evaluation of the PRECICE Limb Lengthening Technology regarding its accuracy and precision of distractions, effects on bone alignments, effects on adjacent-joint ROM and frequency of implant-related and non-implant related complications.

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PRECICE intramedullary limb lengthening system

Dr. Dror Paley’s expert review of his experience with the PRECICE Limb Lengthening Technology. Dr. Paley goes into detail his introduction to the device, clinical outcomes and how it compares to alternative limb lengthening devices.

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Motorized Intramedullary Nail for Management of Limb-length Discrepancy and Deformity

An analysis of a new generation of motorized intramedullary nails to treat limb lengthening discrepancies and the author’s experiences with accuracy, well controlled distraction and positive early clinical results.

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Internal Lengthening Device for Congenital Femoral Deficiency and Fibular Hemimelia

An in-depth analysis of the PRECICE Limb Lengthening Technology relating to the healing index, complications, accuracy of the PRECICE External Remote Control and adjacent-joint ROM.

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