Reach Your Height: Lauryn’s Story

Reach Your Height: Lauryn’s Story 2017-04-26T16:57:24+00:00 (Link doesn’t work)

Sports injuries aren’t uncommon in children, but when Lauryn Kapiloff crashed into a tree during a family ski trip she didn’t just break her leg. The impact had caused a growth plate fracture, which would eventually lead to a 2.5-inch leg length discrepancy.

When Lauryn’s surgeon recommended the PRECICE internal lengthening device, her mother knew it was the right option. Tracy wanted a solution that would allow her daughter to do the things she loved, and with PRECICE, “She could do everything. We swam in a pool, we went and visited her friends at camp, we went to a baseball game — and you couldn’t tell anything was going on with her.”

Watch the video to hear about Lauryn’s experience and how the PRECICE internal lengthening device has changed her life for the better.