Reach Your Height: Renee’s Story

Reach Your Height: Renee’s Story 2017-04-26T17:02:13+00:00 (Video can’t be found)

Only a few days after she brought Renee home from the hospital, Erica Voss noticed a small dimple on her daughter’s leg. Born without a fibular bone, Renee Cloutier-Voss has spent much of her life in and out of doctors’ offices.

Her relatively large leg length discrepancy (about 3 inches) meant Renee’s family was faced with the decision to amputate or begin the lengthy, involved process of limb lengthening surgery. With the support of her family, Renee underwent surgery after surgery, until finally they found the right treatment plan to help her reach her height.

Watch the video to hear from Renee and her mother about how PRECICE limb lengthening surgery has changed her life for the better.